90-Day Guaranteed Porn Recovery Program

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Reach 30-Days Guaranteed!

This private, 90-day coaching program is tailored to your unique needs and will provide you with the tools and accountability you need to reach your goals. Reach 30 days porn-free guaranteed or we'll work with you one-on-one for free until you do!

The program includes:

  • A weekly PRIVATE coaching call
  • A weekly group recovery class/meeting (with recordings)
  • Unlimited accountability support texting
  • A personalized plan to help you overcome your unique struggles and challenges. 
  • The proven 30-Day Program with video content
  • 2%C Club membership & exclusive men's training program

Heather Nielsen is a top-selling author and activist in porn addiction recovery and Founder of Fight The Beast. She has helped thousands in over 30 countries overcome pornography and offers a limited number of private coaching spots each month. 

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