FTB Team


Heather Nielsen 

Heather is the Founder & CEO of Fight The Beast and author of the curriculum. She has dedicated her life to this cause and works tirelessly to help her clients and community achieve freedom from porn. 
A single mom of three, her story started with painful divorce and witnessing the damaging effects of pornography in the lives of loved ones. In January 2021, she set out to create the "opposite of OnlyFans"–a community of people helping others quit porn, which has since grown into something much bigger than she ever hoped. Fight The Beast has since grown to reach millions of individuals in over 31+ countries. 

She is also a speaker and activist for healthy masculinity and the toxic effects of porn in families and communities. 
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Brad A. 

Similar to an increasingly common narrative, Brad was exposed to porn at a very early age, probably around 8 or 9. That along with severe childhood trauma including domestic violence and sexual grooming led to a 40 year struggle with porn and masturbation. He was stuck in the endless binge, guilt, purge and relapse cycle that ruined relationships and destroyed his self confidence.

That all changed when he discovered Fight The Beast and signed up for coaching. Here he found accountability and learned the tools needed for success. Now he is on a mission to help others do the same. Over the last year, Brad has been a crucial part of the Fight The Beast team–learning the principles and helping others apply them on their journey to recovery. Sign-up for coaching with Brad here.

Emily McBride 

Emily is an ex-sex worker of over two decades who came to realize several years ago that her work was indeed not helping the men she spoke to and worked with, but was deeply harmful to them.

She has seen porn, sex, and fetish addictions affect men (and women) in their relationships and her relationships to the point that they have been unable to function normally. If you are experiencing this, you CAN change.

Emily decided she needed to harness her ability to converse with others about uncomfortable, sometimes even taboo subjects, for good. She wasn’t sure how to go about this, but then she saw an interview with Heather of Fight the Beast and decided to reach out. 

She is enthusiastic about giving you a shame-free environment where you can discuss your progress and your frustrations with your recovery process. She will help you identify triggers in your life, whether they are things you’re dealing with presently or trauma from your past, so that you may be uninhibited in your journey of growth.

Emily wants to help you hold yourself accountable, and give you support as you begin making different choices in your life that will change you for the better. Since she comes from that world, she does understand. Sign-up for coaching with her here.