Fight The Beast Mission

Conquering the beast within and without–together.

Who is the beast? The beast is both the dangerous personal vices within each of us and the ravaging social devices plaguing our times. The first objective is to conquer our personal beasts–addictions (pornography, masturbation, alcohol, tobacco or drugs, etc) and anything holding us back from our true potential. The second to engage in the greater war against these devices and industries that are destroying our people. 

Conquering one's personal beasts: Fight The Beast is based on the principle that we need each other and no one should have to fight this war on their own. With coaching services, classes, and loads of free resources, this is about creating a community of support and love. The world needs you and you need to know you can and will get through this!

How do we engage in the greater war on morality? Armed with determination and strong moral values, we fight against the beast in our society by educating, advocating, and leading by example. We engage in the fight when we safeguard our homes against the destructive use of technology and substance abuse and demand better of school systems, workplaces, and communities.