Porn Recovery Hotline w/ Heather

Call in if you:

  • Want help in recovery
  • Have had success in quitting
  • Or want to debate 
  • Using the link below please login and comment if would like to be on the show/ speak
  • Once unmuted, you have 10-15 minutes max
  • Ask your questions, tell your story, or debate 
  • Please keep foul language to a minimum so we don’t have to beep the whole show
The Google Calendar on this page will notify you of future Live Hotline Streams. You may subscribe to get a notification! 
Join Live Here:
  • You are free to login in anonymously, not show your name in zoom, and keep video off. 
  • You may turn video on if you wish, but please let me know if you want to be blurred on the final YouTube. 
  • We will probably be disguising guests’ voices.

By calling, you are automatically giving me right to publish your video on social media.