Accountability & Coaching

Coaching gives you accountability. direction. discipline. feedback. results.

Join hundreds of successful men and a dozen monthly “graduates” in achieving freedom from porn. This private, monthly coaching program is tailored to your unique needs and will provide you with the tools and accountability you need to reach your goals, boost your confidence, and achieve freedom!

Heather Nielsen is a top-selling author and coach in porn addiction recovery and founder of Fight The Beast. She has helped thousands in over 30 countries overcome pornography and offers a limited number of private coaching spots each month. 

The program includes:

  • A weekly coaching call
  • Unlimited accountability text support
  • A personalized plan to help you overcome your unique struggles and challenges. 
  • The proven 30-Day Online Program with video content
  • VIP community membership & content
  • And weekly live classes

Our programs are comprehensive and strategic to help you reach your goals faster

Jason - Life changing coaching and recovery experience
Jason - Life changing coaching and recovery experience
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This is my 2nd review to keep prospective clients updated with FightTheBeast Personal Coaching. Heather taught me new skills needed to be successful in life. I learned how I fit in and how I don’t fit in, in relationships and partnerships which is a very important skill that I learned from Heather. Fight the Beast Personal Coaching provided me opportunities to help others which helped me in my recovery. I also learned about trust, ethics, being accountable and forgiveness.
Brad A. - Character Counts
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One of the things that really caught my attention with Heather was her values. This isn’t about improving your performance so you can attract more women like so many other programs. This is about building character so you can have a lifelong healthy marriage. It’s about restoring relationships and not wasting your life with porn. So many people are addicted to this stuff and it’s destroying our country. It’s taking us places we don’t want to go. I signed up for coaching it and she helped me reach my goal of 90 days (Now over 1 year clean!). I highly recommend it.
Robert R. - Positive Approach
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I am grateful for the “Fight the Beast” program! It covers issues in my life that I have needed to address for many years. Some say that it is not possible to change. But Heather’s confident, positive approach has been excellent! I have been thinking more clearly and I am happier. Thank you Heather for your program and all your hard work!
Jake - Highly Recommend
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Heather is the type of person you need coaching in your corner if you're battling addiction. I've found the daily accountability, supportive messages, and coaching calls to be really beneficial, and I highly recommend the monthly coaching.
Heather Nielsen Founder & Coach

About Heather

Heather is the Founder & CEO of Fight The Beast and author of the curriculum. She has dedicated her life to this cause and works tirelessly to help her clients and community achieve freedom from porn. 
In January 2021, she set out to make recovery resources more accessible and create the “opposite of OnlyFans”–a community helping individuals quit porn. Fight The Beast has since grown to reach millions of individuals in over 31+ countries. 
As a coach, she provides judgment-free listening and expert feedback. She has successfully helped hundreds of men overcome porn addiction and will help you implement a personalized strategy to achieve long lasting results.  

"I never imagined quitting could be this EASY! "

Private Coaching

Only 10 spots available per month.
$ 250 Monthly
  • Online Course
  • Private Weekly Calls
  • Texting Support
  • VIP Community Content
  • Your Identity is Protected
  • Partner Healing Support (Optional)

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