Rewiring Your Brain: Neuroplasticity and Porn Addiction

The journey to overcome porn addiction is not just a battle against a habit; it’s about fundamentally rewiring the brain. A key player in this process is neuroplasticity – the brain’s remarkable ability to change and adapt. In this article, we delve deeper into neuroplasticity and porn addiction and how abstaining from porn can lead […]

The Neuroscience of Porn Addiction: How It Affects the Brain

In recent years, research has brought light to the neuroscience of porn addiction, not just as a behavioral issue, but as a complex neurological condition. This shift in perspective is crucial in helping individuals grappling with this challenge, and I am constantly working to incorporate this new data into our recovery methods. Today, we’ll dive […]

How to Bounce Back After a Porn Relapse

Prefer to watch? Video link below. The actions you take immediately following a relapse are crucial for both your short-term and long-term success in recovering from porn and sexual addiction. Many individuals experience a relapse that spirals into a binge, a series of relapses, or even a prolonged period of depression and darkness. Consequently, many […]

The Connection Between Porn and Human Trafficking: Unveiling the Disturbing Reality

According to one report, 70% of female trafficking victims are trafficked into the commercial sex industry.   The porn industry is a vast and lucrative business that has become deeply ingrained in our society. However, beneath its glossy facade lies a dark underbelly that perpetuates human trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. In this blog […]

WHO Warns Against “Porn-demic”: What you need to know….

Original Statement Source: Video Transcript HEATHER NIELSEN: A lot of people today tend to argue that because porn addiction is not formally recognized in the DSM or recognized as a psychological diagnosis, that it’s not a problem or it’s not an addiction, and that couldn’t be further. From the truth. In today’s video, I’m […]

101+ Facts & Statistics About Pornography You Didn’t Know

Pornography, sexual addiction, and human trafficking are highly controversial topics, almost like tobacco in the 1960s. While many researchers stand strong in affirming porn’s negative impact on physical and mental health, others are advocating it. This can make it difficult to know which sources and statistics to believe. Often times those promoting pornography focus on short term […]

40 Things All Parents Need to Know About Porn & The Effects on Children & Teens

Think porn isn’t a problem for your child or teen? Think again.  This week, Billie Eilish, the Grammy award-winning singer, opened up about her childhood porn addiction saying, “I think it really destroyed my brain and I feel incredibly devastated that I was exposed to so much porn….. I started watching porn when I was, […]

Fact Sheet: What effect does masturbation have on mental health?

When it comes to the science of porn and masturbation and the effect on our mental health, it can be hard to find conclusive information on the internet. While we receive thousands of reports from those who are struggling with porn addiction, and have seen first hand the negative impact it has on our clients […]

FACT SHEET: How Porn Affects Military Personnel

Studies show that military personnel are not only more than 3 times as likely to struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors, but they are also more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. In this article we will explore why pornography may be uniquely affecting military men and their families. Watch or read below: What do statistics tell […]