The Neuroscience of Porn Addiction: How It Affects the Brain

In recent years, research has brought light to the neuroscience of porn addiction, not just as a behavioral issue, but as a complex neurological condition. This shift in perspective is crucial in helping individuals grappling with this challenge, and I am constantly working to incorporate this new data into our recovery methods. Today, we’ll dive […]

FACT SHEET: How Porn Affects Military Personnel

Studies show that military personnel are not only more than 3 times as likely to struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors, but they are also more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. In this article we will explore why pornography may be uniquely affecting military men and their families. Watch or read below: What do statistics tell […]

Why People of Faith Struggle MORE with Porn

Did you know: studies show that people of faith struggle MORE in sexual addiction recovery programs? This fact may come as a shock to some while no surprise to others. A non-religious person might say “well that makes perfect sense! Religion is sexually oppressive and emotionally scarring.” Whereas a Christian or other religious person might […]

Are hookups and sugar relationships “no big deal”?

Infidelity appears to be one of the most frequently reported reasons for divorce. In one study, individuals who engaged in infidelity reported significantly more one-night stands or “hookups” in their lifetime than those who did not engage in infidelity (6.3 vs 3.5 one-night stands, respectively). On a similar note, people in open relationships reported lower […]

John C. Maxwell: It Only Takes 6 Steps to Change Your Life

This is a copy of one of my favorite articles ever about behavioral change. This is not the focus of my strategy for addiction recovery, but it is a powerful mindset article worth sharing.  Original link: Hope is the foundational principle for all change. People change because they have hope, and if people do not have […]

The Power and Leverage of Purpose

By Shane Prettner | Primal Connections I remember well, the feeling of drifting through life and going from one job to another, one girlfriend to another, one party to another… In between, noticing the anxiety – the depression – the toxic self-talk going on in my head. Blaming everyone else for my life choices, my […]

How much pornography do adults consume, and how does it affect mental health?

Average internet pornography consumption was 75 minutes per week by males (which equates to about 10 minutes/day or 65 hours/year) and 17 minutes per week by females (15 hours/year) in a study of 832 adults aged 18-72 in 2016, and average use has been on the rise in recent years. In a 2020 study, 92% […]