My Journey

As with a lot of people, I was introduced to porn around 11 years old. I quickly started spending a lot of time watching porn and masturbating. Throughout high school and a chunk of my young adult life, I struggled with confidence in myself and my ability to have a relationship with the opposite sex. I had plenty of friends, both guys and gals and was well liked. I struggled in my relationships because my view of how that relationship should be, was driven by ideas that I learned from watching porn.

I made the decision to stop. Now I had made this decision many times before, only to end up failing. This time it was different for me. I confronted the reason why I was participating in watching porn and masturbating. I realized I was doing it because I thought that it would make me feel better and wanted. Both false. In the moment yes, it satisfied those needs, but only temporarily. For me once I realized why I was doing this, being able to stop became easier. It was still a hard process, and even today I have to recommit to myself daily to keep myself in a place that I want to be in.

How has this changed my life? My relationships have improved. I have become more comfortable and confident in my sexuality. I have saved a lot of time for other items in my life that will help me provide for myself and my children.

For me, it has been worth it, to change my life in this way.

Joshua N. 
Feb 22, 2021

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