It's Rough but Righteous

So I only began abstaining from these things after I joined a church at the age of 25. It was extremely rough at first. Then gets easier with waves at rough times coming and going. The key is to keep your mind clear as well if your daydreaming about sex homie your not gunna get far in quiting the habit.

Overall when one is single and practicing this it is gunna be rough. As God said in the begining it is not well for man to be alone. I think he knows it’s rough but hang in there.

The greatest overall advantage to this type of practice is a sense of true freedom. Once you have subdued hormonal urges you begin to realize just how much such they have tryed to controlled or influence you. You also learn that you don’t need to listen. Philosophers have debated whether we have free will or not. Fight against this desire and you’ll see we in fact do though it can be hard to go through with what we want rather than what the body tells us to want.

If you fail just get right back on it. Don’t moderate (maybe just once a week or month) it will inevitably come back to a daily thing. Don’t justify (this will make it seem like you either have no fault or couldn’t have made another choice. Just keep in your mind you completely done with it.

Finally avoid things that trigger you lol yah that video game with the seductively dressed woman or that anime with breasts bouncing around defying gravity. You’ll have to change your lifestyle and perferably find a good woman to walk the world with.


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