Acting in a human trafficking movie changed me.

Being an actor brought upon me a huge ego I never expected. The first step to sobriety from porn was acting in an indie film focused on human trafficking a woman who was kidnapped.

The next step came from further research into the perils of sex trafficking and hearing testimonies from sex slaves.

My faith in Christ has also brought Revelation in how to treat others.

When I consumed porn for personal gratification; I recognized I supported those kidnappings the same as the character I portrayed.

Now, I recognize there’s a chasm between being forced into sex trafficking and those who choose to pursue a career in adult industries. What I’ve gained in research is the way those who pursue a career in adult movies are treated in the profession is extremely similar to those who are sex trafficked. It’s a violent profession for a woman. The sex isn’t pleasant, and most of the actresses are medicated in some way to deal with it.

I don’t support porn for that reason.

Masturbation is something I struggle with. I have deeply recognized my desire to almost appease myself sexually when I’m most stressed. It used to be a release emotionally for me as well. Now, I think differently. Even though I don’t consume porn, I struggle with lusting over a person and objectifying their body for my pleasure.

In a committed marriage, I believe there can be ways for each spouse to invest that moment in the other, but for one to place their personal desire above the other’s desire to be involved it becomes selfish instead of giving.

I support your movement; and I pray I can help anyway I can.

I often fantasized about purchasing time with someone in the sex trade, only to use the time purchased to retrieve them and bring them to a halfway home designed to teach them new skills for a better tomorrow.

God bless and if there’s anything else I can do, let me know.

Cameron Lee
February 27, 2021

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