The Malicious Intent of TikTok

The Malicious Intent of TikTok

**More info and updates coming soon.**

After garnering 3 million views in 48 hours and 50,000 new followers overnight… my addiction recovery organization has been permanently banned from TikTok and had my app data scrubbed.

My last video said simply “There’s two things you need to know about the adult film industry… 1) They know it’s an addiction and 2) they don’t care”

TikTok is a malicious company that promotes addiction and sexuality to young children. Not only is this a huge attack on freedom of speech in America, but sparked a major question as to the intentions of TikTok as a company. I never once used adult language or any kind of vulgar words. I simply offer resources to those looking to quit. I have not once broken a community guideline. (By contrast there are songs on TikTok as vulgar as “put my d*ck in your mouth” And all sorts of allowable nudity…)

People need to know what they are up against and that companies like TikTok are using addiction to destroy children and adults. And they will take down anybody who speaks out against it. Other christians, conservatives, and creators speaking in favor of masculinity and addiction recovery are also facing unwarranted bans.

What hurts me in this situation isn’t business aspect... or drafts... or the hundreds of hours of work lost..... It’s losing the 102k followers seeking our message of addiction recovery and the millions more we need to reach. I love you guys and will continue to fight to reach those who are suffering from addiction.