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by B.J. Lehecka, DPT, PhD | May 12, 2021 Mixed evidence exists about the correlation between masturbation and ejaculation frequency on prostate cancer risk. One study found that increased masturbation frequency in the 20’s and 30’s was a marker for increased prostate cancer risk. One of the largest studies on ejaculation frequency (this included sexual relations, not masturbation in isolation) is known as the Harvard ejaculation study. Its findings are often simply described as 20-29-year-olds who reported 21+ ejaculations/month had a lower prostate risk than those who ejaculated 4-7x/month. But those who ejaculated 0-3x/month also had a significantly lower risk (15-16% reduction)...

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by B.J. Lehecka, DPT, PhD | May 18, 2021 It’s difficult to separate the mental health effects of masturbation from the mental health effects of pornography because pornography use is strongly correlated with masturbation – 70% of the time they occur in the same week. When controlling for pornography use (which has many of its own effects on mental health), masturbation alone is still negatively linked to relational happiness. In a study of 2,810 partnered adults, masturbation was negatively correlated with sexual satisfaction, life satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, and mental health satisfaction scores. In a study of 2,450 adults, masturbating >15x...

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