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Join our free women's partner support group here. I was young and in love–a good, christian girl marrying who I thought was a good, christian man. Sure, I knew what pornography was, but I never imagined it would soon play a role in not only one, but two divorces, leaving me a single mom of 3, or that it would later become the focus of my career. As a wife whose husbands struggled with sexual addiction, I was hurt, broken, paranoid, and angry. I felt violated. I didn’t understand how they could do that to me or why it kept happening....

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“To fap or not to fap? That is the question.” Porn and masturbation are everywhere–comedy, music, TV, etc. and it seems like everybody’s doing it these days! In the world of “no-fappers” though (men who abstain from masturbation), you’ll find a shocking list of all-stars and real life superheroes. Who is and isn’t watching porn?  Let’s first break this down and look at who is and who is not watching porn and masturbating. First of all: No, not EVERYBODY is doing it. There are groups and programs online with hundreds of thousands of followers improving their lives through the benefits...

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by B.J. Lehecka, DPT, PhD | May 13, 2021 The prevalence of pornography use by adolescents varies between studies, anywhere from 43% to 96%. The frequency of pornography use among adolescents appears directly related to the frequency of substance/drug use (50% higher odds of substance/drug use was associated with pornography use), casual sex behavior, sexual aggression, dating abuse, delinquent behavior, depression, condomless sex, early sexual debut, and an increased number of sexual partners. A study of nearly 4,000 10-15-year-olds found exposure to violent x-rated material predicted an almost 6-fold increase in the odds of self-reported sexually aggressive behavior. In a...

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