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Article by: B.J. Lehecka, DPT, PhD Contribution by: Some data suggest males average a 17% cyclic increase in testosterone every 20-22 days. Those cyclic periods ranged from 8-30 days and 9-28% of average testosterone levels in study participants. Evidence also suggests peak testosterone levels in males may be more likely on weekends or in 28-day full-moon intervals (among males trying to conceive with a female partner).  Although there is other evidence that male testosterone levels do not change in relation to a partner’s ovulation. Testosterone concentration in males is higher in the fall, peaks in December, and is lowest in the late...

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“To fap or not to fap? That is the question.” Porn and masturbation are everywhere–comedy, music, TV, etc. and it seems like everybody’s doing it these days! In the world of “no-fappers” though (men who abstain from masturbation), you’ll find a shocking list of all-stars and real life superheroes. Who is and isn’t watching porn?  Let’s first break this down and look at who is and who is not watching porn and masturbating. First of all: No, not EVERYBODY is doing it. There are groups and programs online with hundreds of thousands of followers improving their lives through the benefits...

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