Our Testimonials

Fight The Beast has been and is such a valuable part of my journey to get past PMO addiction. I tried for what feels like my whole life to quit to no avail. Her course covers so much information about addiction and being prepared for recovery. I'm now 6 months strong and looking forward to the rest of the year, and foreseeable future, with Fight The Beast.

David S.

As a pastor, I see people all the time who struggle. Their struggle often times is with the private and shameful. Porn is a trap and it’s being used by Satan every day to entangle people in believing less than God’s best for them.  Heather and her team at Fight the Beast do such a great job in rescuing people caught in the trap of porn. If you’re looking for some help in setting people free from porn addiction, I would highly recommend Fight the Beast!

Adam H.

Heather is the type of person you need coaching in your corner if you're battling addiction. I've found the daily accountability, supportive messages, and coaching calls to be really beneficial, and I highly recommend the monthly coaching.


The Proven Porn Recovery Program:

Fight The Beast is a porn and sexual addiction recovery organization helping thousands of men in over 31+ countries acheive freedom from porn and sexual addiction through our proven 30-day system, community, and coaching programs.